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Umbrella Insurance Provides an Extra
Layer of Protection


Umbrella insurance is an extra liability insurance that protects both people and businesses.

The insurance provides coverage that goes over and above the coverage provided by the insured person’s homeowner, auto, or watercraft insurance. The base coverage of the existing insurance is a determining factor in setting the final quote.


High net-worth individuals are among the most common adopters of umbrella insurance to protect assets like expensive property or savings. Individuals at risk of being sued due to damage to property, accidents, slander, invasion of privacy, and libel are also common insurers.

Small businesses opt for umbrella insurance to get additional protection above general liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, or hired and non-owned auto insurance (HNOA).

The Policy That Protects All Assets and Your
Clients' Future


Umbrella insurance provides comprehensive coverage for assets traditionally not covered by insurance policies. High net-worth individuals opting for umbrella insurance need to consider two aspects while choosing a policy: asset value and potential future loss of income.

Umbrella insurance also covers damage to property, liability in personal or professional activities, vacation, accident, and defence coverage. Individuals opting for umbrella insurance must consider their profession, existing coverage, and credit history while choosing a policy.

Companies opting for umbrella insurance can boost coverage for existing policies to include slip and fall injuries, third-party damage to property, employee injury lawsuits, and car accident liability in their portfolio. Location, number of employees and vehicles, the relevant industry and its associated risk, and existing coverage all influence insurance premiums and deductibles.

Get SEO-Optimised Content That Makes You

organic seo

It’s standard that customers will compare different insurance policies before settling on one. For them to choose your brand, you need to enter their consideration set. SEO-enabled umbrella insurance content writing services will help your brand become visible, capture attention, and engage target customers.

Blog articles, how-to guides, and thought leadership articles written by an umbrella insurance content-writing company provide crisp and precise information. However, quality content is only the first step. It needs to be followed by best-in-class SEO practices. Experts in umbrella insurance content writing conduct keyword research, site audits, and competitor analysis to enhance ranking on SERPs.

Insurers also tend to look for companies physically located close by. Local SEO practices and Google My Business listings boost your brand’s visibility whenever potential insurers are looking for them.

How Can We Help You Grow?

As an umbrella insurance content writing agency, our
services follow three fundamental approaches when
creating your content strategy:



We provide clear information about umbrella insurance’s applicability, coverage, and cost. Through explainer articles, blogs, and info guides, our insurance content writers will clarify any existing doubts in consumers’ minds.



Umbrella insurance content writing focuses on the benefits of umbrella insurance. Information about what the coverage entails, first-person articles, and testimonials help highlight the many benefits of umbrella insurance.



Our writers use succinct, accurate, and eye-catching descriptions to make your business stand out on Google. Our umbrella insurance content writing services will clarify doubts, build reputation, and increase brand visibility.

Case Studies

Read all about our work for our clients in the case studies below.

We can help optimise website content for your online store

Our e-commerce content writing services were used by a well-known global manufacturer of power tools to optimise their product and category descriptions. Our involvement led to a 40% increase in website traffic.

Read more about our work here

Using long-form content, we can amplify yours sales and boost your online presence

An e-commerce software firm needed our services to create long-form content. This allowed us to offer consistent and compelling content to educate their audience.

Read their story here

Our Clients Love Working With Us Because We Believe in Collaboration

At Goodman Lantern, we’re all about building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know your business and the people behind your brand. In true collaborative spirit, we do everything we can to tell your story and help your business grow.


“Goodman Lantern has an unparalleled level of skill and talent, coupled with a keen understanding of implementation.”

George O’Neill

Owner, The Promo App

“The communication is excellent and you receive responses within 24 hours.”

Balavendra Anthony

Marketing Manager, Flatworld Solutions
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“We are delighted with our collaboration with Goodman Lantern because in addition to always delivering the content on time, they have also been extremely responsive to all our requests. Moreover, it was a real pleasure to work with a team that is both very professional and fundamentally human.”

Jeremy Rocher

Marketing Manager, AutoStore

Pricing Plans

We tailor-make packages and pricing structures to suit your budget. No matter what your content needs, we can work out a plan perfectly aligned with your requirements.

How Umbrella Insurance-Focused Content
Writers Can Help You


Quality content helps your brand educate customers, gain visibility, and build trust. As an umbrella insurance content-writing agency, here is how we can help your business:


Educate Customers

Umbrella insurance covers a range of incidents. Auto liability, children and teen liability, personal offence liability, residence liability, and personal injury are all offered under umbrella insurance. In such an ecosystem, potential insurers need help knowing where to start.

Our umbrella insurance content-writing services will inform insurers about the various coverage options and premiums through informative articles, infographics and blogs.

Dispel Confusion

A lot of confusion exists regarding the applicability of umbrella insurance. As umbrella insurance is an extra liability insurance, it comes into effect when another existing insurance does not cover it. There is also a need to clarify that umbrella insurance applies to people beyond high-net-worth individuals.

Our concise and straightforward umbrella insurance content writing will help clear these misconceptions through website content and articles.


Gain Visibility on SERPS

Since potential insurers compare quotes before choosing a policy, it is essential to enter their consideration set.

Today, this means showing up on search engines, especially local search results. Our umbrella insurance content-writing services include quality Google My Business listings and local-SEO backed content that increase visibility on SERPs.

Strike The Right Tone

Perfecting the right tone is critical in umbrella insurance content writing. As a brand, you do not want to overwhelm potential insurers.

At the same time, you want to encourage urgency. Our team of experienced writers knows how to create urgency through carefully crafted, compelling, and informative content.


Umbrella Insurance Content Writing FAQs

bottom-blobWho Do I Target with My Umbrella Insurance Policy?

There is a misconception that umbrella insurance companies primarily target high-net-worth individuals and small businesses. Umbrella insurance applies to everyone. As an umbrella insurance provider, you must segment your target audiences into concise categories. Once you do this, you can personalise content for each of the different segments. Goodman Lantern’s umbrella insurance content-writing services will help you do just that.

bottom-blobWhat Are the Different Content Types I Can Use For Umbrella Insurance?

There is no shortage of content types you can experiment with regarding umbrella insurance. The most popular types of content provided by an umbrella insurance content-writing agency are articles, how-to guides, and website content. These content types focus on providing readers with much-needed information. SEO-optimised content and testimonials help increase your brand's visibility and credibility.

bottom-blobWhat Are the Essential Things I Must Keep In Mind For My Umbrella Insurance Content?

It is essential to strike the right balance between urgency and information. The best content writers can highlight the benefits and provide information to readers seeking clarity about umbrella insurance. At the same time, these writers also make potential insurers feel they must choose an umbrella insurance policy to protect and cover their personal and professional needs.

bottom-blobHow Does Goodman Lantern Help My Company and Its Growth Story?

As an umbrella insurance content-writing agency, we believe in translating our vast experience into concise information for your end customers. Our experienced writers know the world of insurance inside out. Over and above this, they make sure to learn the nuances of your organisation. This understanding provides our writers with clarity about the types and features of your umbrella insurance. The writers then take this clarity and combine it with the best writing practices to create compelling and concise content.


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