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Digital Lending Is the Most Profitable FinTech Model


Digital lending refers to the disbursement and reception of loans through mobile applications and web-based platforms. Lending Service Providers (LSPs) collaborate with Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBSCs) to disburse credit within the digital lending ecosystem.

Digital lending has gained prominence for its reduced costs, enhanced loan analysis, quicker decision-making, straightforward processes, and faster loan approval. Now, borrowers can apply for consumer and business loan products such as credit cards and mortgages from any location. All they need is an internet connection.

In FinTech, digital lending is considered one of the most profitable business models. The primary reason is that it includes lenders who would normally be excluded due to poor credit scores. Consumers can obtain loans at lower interest rates due to lower operating costs. It also makes receiving loans faster, less stressful and more accessible.

FinTech Is Improving the Digital Lending Process


Lending looked different before the advent and adoption of FinTech. In the past, borrowers would approach financial institutions or banks for loans. It entailed multiple trips to the bank and collating documents. Even then, there was a high chance of loan rejection due to low credit scores.

FinTech has changed that. It is now possible to assess consumers’ credit scores through their digital footprint, historical behaviour, and financial health. These factors are often good enough to satisfy the lender that the consumer will return the loan.

The reduced cost of digital lending due to FinTech benefits consumers who receive better interest rates. Consumers can also avail of peer-to-peer lending to improve credit appraisal. Overall, using AI and automation while reviewing loan applications and digital lending has made the process more objective.

Digital Lending-Related Content Is an Effective Way to Connect Your Customers


Traditionally, loans have been granted in person. In the current digital ecosystem, this is no longer the case. With digital lending, consumers need to be able to trust your brand online – especially when it comes to ones finances. Digital lending content writing services can help build this trust in your brand and engage with your consumers.

Since digital lending is relatively novel for consumers, they need to understand the process. Informative, easy-to-understand and explanatory content can guide consumers through the digital lending journey on your platform.

Consumer doubts are bound to rise throughout the lending process. Digital lending content creators can pre-emptively answer these doubts through chatbots and FAQs. Digital lending FinTech content writing also maintains the relationship with consumers by personalising messages and services based on data generated through FinTech. The loan approval process is system driven, limiting the discretionary part of lending.

How Can We Help You Grow?


Digital lending hinges on three aspects: A good platform, trust, and relationship building. Digital lending content writing services help you with all three.

At Goodman Lantern, our writers understand the ins and outs of digital lending. They couple their understanding of your platform with their writing prowess to simplify the process for your consumers.

By crafting guide content and leadership pieces and pushing compelling content on the correct channels, our professional FinTech content writers help build trust in your consumer’s eyes.

Another skill our experienced team of digital lending content creators has mastered is social media copy. With a field as technical as digital lending, they know exactly how to leverage storytelling to capture, engage and convert the consumer.

Our writers spend time understanding the unique offerings of your platform and your business. They will build a bond with your consumers through content and personalise the communication based on invaluable data generated by your FinTech platform.

Case Studies

Read all about our work for our clients in the case studies below.

We can help optimise website content for your online store

Our e-commerce content writing services were used by a well-known global manufacturer of power tools to optimise their product and category descriptions. Our involvement led to a 40% increase in website traffic.

Read more about our work here

Using long-form content, we can amplify your sales and boost your online presence

An e-commerce software firm needed our services to create a long form content. This allowed us to offer consistent and compelling content to educate their audience.

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At Goodman Lantern, we’re all about building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know your business and the people behind your brand. In true collaborative spirit, we do everything we can to tell your story and help your business grow.


“We are delighted with our collaboration with Goodman Lantern because, in addition to always delivering the content on time, they have also been extremely responsive to all our requests. Moreover, it was a real pleasure to work with a team that is both very professional and fundamentally human.”

Jeremy Rocher

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“Whenever we’ve provided feedback or suggestions, they have always been receptive and open to making changes.”

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“Goodman Lantern has an unparalleled level of skill and talent, coupled with a keen understanding of implementation.”



Pricing Plans

We tailor-make packages and pricing structures to suit your budget. No matter what your content needs, we can work out a plan perfectly aligned with your requirements.

How Our Writers Can Help You With Digital Lending-Related Content


When done right, digital lending FinTech content writing works wonders for your brand. Our writers combine technical knowledge with brand understanding and package them with the best copy and content writing practices. This offers multiple benefits.


Create Awareness

With digital lending in a nascent stage, consumers must first know about the process and platform. Leveraging digital lending content writing services can remove initial apprehension about a new service by making your lending practices known to the world.


Simplify the Process

Once awareness is created, consumers will want to try your platform. Their primary source of information will be your platform itself. With top-notch digital lending FinTech content writing, you can make your platform easy to navigate by explaining the ins and outs of your lending process. The right content will leave no questions in your consumers’ minds.


Builds Trust

Making use of digital lending content writing services can help build trust in consumers’ minds. Since your platform entails financial transactions, consumers need to be able to trust you. Educational, valuable, and industry-specific content can help build this trust.


Generates Leads

Email marketing is a credible channel for providing consumers with information about digital lending. By leveraging the data and insights that FinTech generates, you can customise emails for consumers to have a higher conversion ratio.


Social Media Presence

Striking the right balance between promotional and informative content is challenging. Our digital lending content creators have mastered the art of providing information in a catchy and compelling manner while keeping your business needs at the core.

Digital Lending Content Creators FAQs

bottom-blobWhat Exactly Is Digital Lending?

If you are new to digital lending, do not worry. It is as simple as receiving and asking for loans online. It is a platform where digital channels are used to disburse loans and receive repayments online. There are three primary components of digital lending: A focus on the use of digital channels, the use of digital data, and customer experience.

bottom-blobHow Does Content Tie into Digital Lending?

As mentioned above, digital channels, digital data, and customer experience are three critical parts of digital lending. By leveraging digital lending FinTech content writing, you can target all three. Informative content on the platform helps make the channels easier to understand for consumers. The digital data that FinTech generates can be used to enhance the customer experience through emails and promotional content that responds to their specific needs.

bottom-blobWhat Types of Content Can Be Used For Digital Lending?

The most crucial part of digital lending FinTech content writing is creating awareness. This is done by having informative content on the website and the platform where digital lending occurs. Professional FinTech content writers also work on blogs, guides, thought leadership articles, and social media copy. Another essential part of digital lending content is email and promotional marketing to target new and repeat customers.

bottom-blobWhat Process Do Your Writers Follow to Learn Our Digital Lending Process?

The first thing our professional FinTech content writers will do is learn the vision and values of your organisation. Once they do this, they will understand your platform inside out. And only then will they start to work on the actual content. This process ensures that every piece of content going out exudes your organisational values and vision.


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“We are delighted with our collaboration with Goodman Lantern, always delivering the content on time, and also been extremely responsive to all our requests”Jeremy Rocher,
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