How to Find the Ideal Event Venue

The event venue you choose is the foundation for the success you hope for. Finding the perfect venue, whilst still attempting to offer attendees something unique, can be challenging. An out-of-the-box venue is often the number one headache event profs deal with during the planning process.
Many event planners are taken by surprise when they see new venues popping up all over town. Of course, it always seems as though a new venue pops up just as you manage to get to grips with the details of your upcoming event.

Staying updated on trending local event venues is of the utmost importance for any event professional. Here’s how best to do that:

Get Real with Your Clients, Be Humble

The most important thing to do when trying to source event venues is to remember that you are not all-knowing. This is something you need to admit both to yourself and your clients. As an event professional, you need to come to terms to the fact that you will never know everything. This is a career that requires constant learning and constant improvement for the simple fact that everything around you is constantly changing.

The Concierge is Your Number One Source of Info

Finding out what’s happening inside a hotel is as simple as having a chat with the concierge. This is where you’ll find honest feedback, as well as information regarding the goings on at hotel events. You need to know how well a particular hotel venue performs, and what sort of feedback is received from guests their way out.

Conduct a Few Online Investigations

Over the last few years there has been a significant increase in the presence of websites that showcase event venues and all of their pros and cons. In general, you’ll probably find guest reviews as well. Word of mouth is invaluable in this industry; so take heed of the general chatter if you want to stay informed.

Keep Track of Popular Events and Festivals

The organisers of popular festivals are constantly searching for new and exciting venues. These popular events span over various categories including food, music, and theatre – and all of them require fairly large event spaces with a range of attractive amenities. Because these event organisers work outside the realm of corporate functions, they tend to think more creatively. Take the time to chat with them and pick their brains a bit; you may learn something incredibly valuable.