GoPinLeads is Going Places!

July has been an amazing month for GPL!

We grew by 9x and onboarded a ton of awesome new customers. ????

This is our chance to say a massive “thanks” to the community – none of this would be possible without you. ????

To show our progress and where we’re heading, we put together an extensive roadmap for all of you to keep an eye on.

Today, we have completed half of the changes (11 out of 23) as highlighted in the roadmap! This is fantastic progress – we are absolutely pumped! ????

Our aim is to make as many changes live as quickly as possible. As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback and comments. ???? It’s what helps us stay on track and give you the service you deserve!

If you haven’t noticed the change in your Chrome extension (which generally takes 24 hours), you can quickly update it yourself.

  1. Sign up and register using email address (as opposed to just social media accounts)
  2. Provide all users with the option to view the document in Google Docs and Excel.
  3. A few changes to improve the onboarding process when a new user first installs and uses GoPinLead.
  4. Add information about 3 tabs within the Excel sheet – wireframes
  5. Replace the term ‘Venues’ with ‘Businesses’ – wireframes
  6. Add a warning in the search: “Export the same results or emails or leads multiple time, each export eats your credits.” –  wireframes
  7. Make sure that once the user has logged in, they remain logged in.
  8. BUG – Allow users to log out of their social media accounts and login with a different account, especially for the web app.
  9. Within the AppSumo credits /200 (image) is confusing to users. Find a more logical way to display the credits to the user.
  10. Add Instagram and YouTube details alongside LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in the Venues / Businesses tab.
  11. Make tab 2 (of the Excel sheet) more meaningful i.e. include company name, (website), first name, last name, job title, (LinkedIn, email), company phone number, address, and website.
  12. Change the profile images of leads in the extension to their initials. (image)

Generate 100s business sales leads in 35 seconds for Free

We are very excited to launch the latest version of our Growth Hacking tool GL Chrome Extension which allows you to generate leads of your target audience including Company name, email addresses, social media profiles and more in just 35 seconds. 

The tool is available for a limited time for free. Please download it

We are very excited to launch the latest version of our Growth Hacking tool GL Chrome Extension which allows you to generate leads of your target audience including Company name, email addresses, social media profiles and more in just 35 seconds. 

The tool is available for a limited time for free. Please download it here

Goodman Lantern ties up with Startup Grind Conference to Offer a 47.5% Discount

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, 24th October 2016. Goodman Lantern, one of the UK’s most prolific new market research and content development companies, has recently announced an exciting new partnership with the Startup Grind Conference to offer attendees a 47.5% discount on tickets to the event. Goodman Lantern works with  SME and enterprise customers helping facilitate conversation between the two.

Startup Grind is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs connecting 400,000 founders in over 200 cities. The Startup Grind conference is one of the highlights of the entrepreneurial sphere, offering budding business owners a chance to rub shoulders with industry leaders and pick their brains on pertinent topics. Past speakers include the co-founder of Twitter (Biz Stone), Airbnb (Nate Blecharczyk) and Slack (Stewart Butterfield).

We at Goodman Lantern believe that the best way to connect is face-to-face.  For this reason, they have arranged an exclusive 47.5%* discount for the Startup Grind Conference held in San Francisco on 21st Feb 2017 using the code Code12345, expiring on 14th November. For further information email

Professional conferences are a great platform for training and peer-to-peer interaction. These events are the number one place for entrepreneurs to learn new and more effective ways of conducting business. The actionable tips and statistics that business owners are able to collect from industry leaders are invaluable. It is just as important to note that attending these conferences can lead to viable solutions for fundraising efforts as well as an opportunity to sell to both enterprise and startup customers.

* The total discount on one full price ticket when buying 2 for 1 is 47.5%. Applying the code gives attendees a 5% discount on all tickets available until 14th November.

Goodman Lantern Partners with Marketo

London, UK —  06/10/2016 Goodman Lantern, expert data driven content development specialists, are pleased to announce their partnership with Marketo – one of the industry’s leaders in marketing automation and predictive content recommendations.

The partnership will provide customers with the full range from using Goodman Lantern’s ground-breaking market research platform as well as the innovative marketing automation solutions provided by Marketo. This combination of services will assist strategic consultants in not only generating targeted content, but in distributing it tactically as well. Customers can sign-up for a free trial on Goodman Lantern’s website.

Raj Anand, CEO of Goodman Lantern commented “With the continuous evolution of the consulting industry and inevitable changes within the financial markets, we are focussed on alleviating the stress our clients experience when generating fresh, targeted content, enabling them to concentrate on core business and deal-making.”

Goodman Lantern’s white papers and eBooks are based on in-depth market research generated by their market research platform. This professionally written content has a better return on investment and drastically increases the effect of inbound marketing. More information can be found on Marketo’s LaunchPoint partner page.

About Goodman Lantern

Goodman Lantern was founded by ex-McKinsey, KPMG, and Deloitte consultants with the shared vision of making engaging white papers and eBooks based on market research more accessible to marketers.
The company strives to enable marketers and business leaders to triumph over the challenges associated with time constraints, budget limitations, skill-set mismatches, and limited networks. Goodman Lantern’s technology platform provides businesses with in-depth research, analysis, and content creation services.

To learn more about how Goodman Lantern’s team of  analysts, researchers, and subject matter experts can improve an organization’s existing content generation strategy, please visit

Goodman Lantern's strategic partnership with Mekko Graphics

LONDON and WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS — Mekko Graphics, a leader in strategic charting used by consultancies, private equity firms, and global companies, and Goodman Lantern, a provider of market research as a virtual analyst for strategic consultants, announced a strategic partnership today.

The partnership will provide strategic consultants, PE firms and M&A advisors who use Goodman Lantern’s virtual analyst services support on Mekko Graphics’s charting and graph tools. This will make the process of developing data-rich graphs for PowerPoint presentations faster. Customers can sign-up for a free trial of Mekko Graphics on Goodman Lantern’s website and use the Goodman Lantern platform to support them in developing presentations and conduct the necessary market research. 

Together Mekko Graphics and Goodman Lantern are helping strategic consultants, Private Equity, and M&A save time and resources. Consultants and partners have a very short time to deliver their projects.  Working together Goodman Lantern and Mekko Graphics can support these consultants in the development of high-quality data-driven deliverables. 

Raj Anand, CEO, Goodman Lantern commented “As we enter a new era of management consulting and changes within the financial market, we understand that our clients have mounting pressures to deliver results. We want to help them with the process, freeing their time to focus on core business and deal-making. We believe Mekko Graphics, is an innovative platform for charting and shares our vision to save customers valuable time and generate results quickly. We are excited about the opportunity and look to make our customers increase efficiency and deliver results.”

David Goldstein, President of Mekko Graphics, added, “Our software is designed to help strategists and financial professionals transform data into insightful charts. Our partnership with Goodman Lantern will help organizations access this capability in a way that maximizes both efficiency and impact.”