Goodman Lantern ties up with Startup Grind Conference to Offer a 47.5% Discount

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, 24th October 2016. Goodman Lantern, one of the UK’s most prolific new market research and content development companies, has recently announced an exciting new partnership with the Startup Grind Conference to offer attendees a 47.5% discount on tickets to the event. Goodman Lantern works with  SME and enterprise customers helping facilitate conversation between the two.

Startup Grind is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs connecting 400,000 founders in over 200 cities. The Startup Grind conference is one of the highlights of the entrepreneurial sphere, offering budding business owners a chance to rub shoulders with industry leaders and pick their brains on pertinent topics. Past speakers include the co-founder of Twitter (Biz Stone), Airbnb (Nate Blecharczyk) and Slack (Stewart Butterfield).

We at Goodman Lantern believe that the best way to connect is face-to-face.  For this reason, they have arranged an exclusive 47.5%* discount for the Startup Grind Conference held in San Francisco on 21st Feb 2017 using the code Code12345, expiring on 14th November. For further information email

Professional conferences are a great platform for training and peer-to-peer interaction. These events are the number one place for entrepreneurs to learn new and more effective ways of conducting business. The actionable tips and statistics that business owners are able to collect from industry leaders are invaluable. It is just as important to note that attending these conferences can lead to viable solutions for fundraising efforts as well as an opportunity to sell to both enterprise and startup customers.

* The total discount on one full price ticket when buying 2 for 1 is 47.5%. Applying the code gives attendees a 5% discount on all tickets available until 14th November.

Survey on 'Why top level executives attend conferences'

In an effort to learn more about the conferencing behaviours of Fortune 1000 executives, Goodman Lantern conducted a survey featuring 191 top-level panelists. Our main aim was to discover why these executives choose to attend certain business events, how they research upcoming conferences, and what motivates them to participate as exhibitors or sponsors rather than attending in an observational capacity.

Why top level executives (Fortune 1000) attend conferences from Raj Anand

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Determining the “Worth” of Attending an Event

An overwhelming 62.6% of respondents choose to attend conferences based on the quality of marketing and communication received before the event. The second-most popular method, ranking in at 41.3%, of decision-making in this regard is learning about these events from peers and colleagues.

Reasons for Attending an Event

One of our main motivators in conducting this survey was to discover why Fortune 1000 executives attend certain conferences and events. Most of our panelists, around 68.9%, claimed that these events presented a wealth of networking opportunities – clearly a driving force behind making their decisions. The runner-up reason for attending events was to meet experts and speakers face-to-face, a motivating factor for nearly 31% of our panelists. At least 21.1% of the executives interviewed stated that they saw event attendance as a way to invest in themselves and their professional endeavours.

Motivation for Sponsoring or Exhibiting at an Event

According to 51.3% of our participants, industry reports and knowledge produced at the event form the bulk of their motivation for exhibiting at or sponsoring an event. The next-highest motivator, 39.9%, for our panelists was the quality of attendees. Additionally, 22.6% of our survey participants stated that a speaking slot was motivation enough for attending a conference.

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Speakers Market Beyond the Event Itself

As a professional you need to be able to see the value in your event speakers beyond the session itself. Quite obviously, speakers play one of the most important roles in the success of your event. You may wish to harness their infinite charisma in order to market your event more effectively.
When they’re on the stage, speakers are the living embodiment of the event itself. They engage with the audience and share their passion for the topic at hand. They keep people entertained for an hour or so, hoping to stay in the audience’s mind for long after the event is over. Additionally, they have full control over their content – an enormous responsibility, all things considered. Surely, their responsibilities could (and should) extend a little further.

Turn your Speakers into Marketing Machines

Event organisers often make the mistake of shouldering the burden of marketing all on their own. The fact of the matter is that your speakers should be generating buzz about your event. After all, their success depends on the success of the whole shindig too.

If your goal is to have your speakers market the event from day one, you need to be completely honest with them. If they want the gig, they need to uphold all of the responsibilities laid out for them. Tell them that they need to raise awareness. Get them in touch with your marketing team so that all of your efforts are synchronised.

Your speakers should be doing exactly the same things you are to promote your event. Posting on social media, blogging, and reaching out to influencers are three vital steps in generating buzz.

Stay Updated on Important News and Trends

Research is incredibly important leading up to your event. While your event may be set up and ready to go, you need to keep track of your audience and attendees in the months and weeks before the date. Your speakers will find a wealth of information that will enable them to reach out on social media and connect with the people that matter.

How to Attract Millennials to your Event

Millennials are a highly educated generation, with 61% of them attending college, that are a valuable addition to any event. With the oldest millenials in their mid-30s, they are guaranteed to shape the event landscape for quite some time.

Get your Mobile Friendliness in Check

If there’s one thing your website needs to be, it’s mobile friendly. Many internet users do their searching, researching, and browsing on mobile devices. With lifestyles that seem to centre around being on the move, it comes as no surprise that mobile device usage has increased exponentially over the last few years.

Encourage Peer Engagement

Most millennials love to interact with each other. The fact of the matter is that they’re more likely to attend an event if their friends are going. By adding share buttons to your website and offering group discounts, you’re almost guaranteed to attract more millennial attendees.

Get Used to Social Media

Millennials are particularly keen on social media. It fulfills their inherent desires to be heard, to compete, and to cooperate on a large scale. With so many social media platforms at your disposal, there is no earthly reason NOT to employ social media marketing tactics. Offer your social media followers special discounts and competitions. Do whatever you can to boost engagement.

While social media is great prior to your event, it’s even better onsite. Promote live commentary, videos, and photos. You’ll be generating a buzz that lasts well beyond the event itself.

Understanding Social Attendees

While the event industry might be constantly growing and evolving, one thing is certain: social media is here to stay. Event profs are working in an age where social attendees are the major target. Understanding the psychology behind this phenomenon enables people to plan better events.
Social media has an effect on the way events are planned, marketed, and hosted. It has such a huge impact on the event as a whole that it simply cannot be overlooked. Traditional marketing may not be dead but it certainly has taken the backseat.

Learning to Embrace Social

The complexities in our social lives are what make our existence so exciting. Social media provides access into the thoughts, experiences, and insights of other people in a way that is entirely new. Before the Digital Age we had to rely on information provided – edited information. Now we have access to information in its raw unedited form. It makes a huge difference.

Event profs now have access important tidbits regarding social attendees regarding the two “big C’s” in human nature: competition and cooperation. Social media enables people to connect and observe from afar. It’s a remarkable tool.

Who They Know and Who They Want to Know

When attending an event, one of the first things people do is check their network to see if they know any other attendees. Cleverly designed event apps enable people to connect with their peers in a safe online environment. Hosting live pre-event discussions is one of the best ways to get people talking.

On the other hand, people also want to know who they can meet or get to know better at an upcoming event. For attendees with this particular networking goal, social media provides the perfect medium for breaking the ice. Live Q&A sessions are a great tool and should be used as much as possible.

Online Marketing for Events: Tips for Event Profs

Many event professionals hit a roadblock when it comes to online marketing. Of course, with a few handy tips and tricks you needn’t feel like online marketing is such a huge challenge.
With your event planned perfectly, including fantastic speakers and tantalising catering, the only obstacle you really face is getting the required attention. Essentially, online marketing is a gift rather than a burden. It truly does make your life that much easier…if you know how to use it.

Be Smart – Get Other People to Do your Marketing for You

Perhaps the best thing about online marketing is the fact that you can, without too much effort, get other people to do your marketing for you.

Contests are a great way to generate buzz about your event. Consider launching a competition where entrants can win tickets to the event by sharing the news. You would be surprised at how far information will reach when there’s a prize to be had.

Influencer marketing is another fantastic way to generate interest in your event. It can sometimes be difficult to connect with the right influencers due to the fact that they’re usually bogged down with hundreds of requests. Try to get noticed by the right kind of influencers by doing some noticeable legwork. Reach out to them by sending personalised requests instead of flooding them with generic posts that are clearly targeted at a large group.

Offering referral discounts is another fantastic way to generate buzz. Send a message to your attendees letting them know that they will be able to receive a partial refund on their ticket purchase should they refer a friend (or two).

Use Social Media Wisely – It’s One of Your Biggest Assets

The most important thing to remember about social media is that it is in a constant state of growth. While Facebook and Twitter may have once have been the only bigwigs worth considering, other social media platforms have now joined their ranks. Spend a little time doing research on what’s trending online, and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Create an air of exclusivity by creating a closed Facebook group for VIP guests. There will always be those people who crave exclusivity and “special treatment” – this could be a great way to get them to mention your event on social media in a completely positive light.

If you’re going to invest in social media, you may wish to consider creating an awe-inspiring video. At the moment, video content is the biggest trend. Audiences crave entertainment in the form of a teaser. They want to feel as though they have something absolutely magnificent to look forward to.

Event Catering Trends: Keeping it Local, Fresh & Sustainable

Amidst the hustle and bustle of your event, attendees will need to satisfy their craving for delectable sustenance. Event catering is more important than many people think. It’s a really simple equation that looks a little like this: happy taste buds = happy people.
Of course, it’s important to keep track of food and beverage trends when taking care of your event catering plans. Gone are the days where mass-produced sausage rolls and fruit skewers would do. Your guests are looking for something more.

Local, Fresh, and Sustainable Ingredients

Farm-to-fork cooking is a huge trend at the moment. People want to enjoy well-prepared food that highlights fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms. It’s an extension of corporate social responsibility – supporting sustainable farming practices is a pretty big deal.

Events are becoming more experiential in there nature. The food should be no different. Peoples’ tastes are evolving and that presents event managers with a fantastic opportunity to showcase local ingredients and local chefs or caterers. Find someone who has a creative spark when it comes to food preparation and you’ll be amazed at the positive feedback your event will receive.

Portable Bites are a Super Trend

Consider the growing popularity of food trucks around the globe and it becomes clear that grab-and-go food is trending. Of course, we’re talking about more than your average hot dog. People want takeaways with flair and pizzazz.

Snack foods that are portable and easy to eat are popular because of the flexibility they provide. At an event where attendees are intensely focused on networking, they’ll want something delicious they can quickly pop into their mouths while they consider their next move.

Reinventing Comfort Food

There are certain classic foods that people can’t help but love. Think about your ultimate favourites; that gooey bowl of mac and cheese or that crunchy plate of fries. When the craving for something comforting hits, there are certain go-to options that everyone loves.

Reinventing the classics is a major trend at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Everyone loves an exciting new take on the dishes that fill them with a sense of nostalgia.

Hosting an event means making sure that guests are satisfied. A significant part of that means providing food and drinks that are exciting and tasty – something memorable that keeps people talking long after the event is over.

You Don't Always Need Event Speakers

Innovation is a huge contributor to the success of an event. During the planning process, most pros will spend a significant portion of their time looking for event speakers to engage with the audience.
Events are moving in a different direction. It’s more about engagement than it is being “lectured”. Co-creation is one of the biggest trends in events at the moment. The crowd itself is often the source of knowledge and wisdom rather than just the speaker himself.

Participant-Guided Interaction

There’s an almost schoolyard feel about speaker-guided interactions. Basically, there’s no earthly reason for participants to be instructed by an official representative when they can guide themselves and each other.

Consider the impact of handing the show over to the crowd, rather than one particular speaker. After all, it stands to reason that the combined knowledge of the crowd far outweighs that of a single speaker. Dividing attendees into discussion groups is a great idea. Or, even more exciting, is the possibility of turning the presentation around. Turn it into a proper Q&A session where the crowd dictates the direction of the topics.

Compelling Video Content

When done properly, video is often more effective than a live speaker. There’s something undeniably engaging about “showing” rather than “telling”. Video offers a fantastic balance between storytelling and eye-catching visuals.

In many cases, you’ll want the professional input of a particular person but realise that one of their pitfalls just happens to be public speaking. After all, we’re only human so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the most knowledgeable and insightful individuals struggle with being in front of a crowd. A video interview with integrated footage and animations can work wonders.

Make Room for Entertaining Art

There’s so much more to storytelling than simple words. Why not harness the power of the creative arts instead of the usual string of event speakers?

It may be worth your while to consider telling a story through music, dance, or acting. The concept works effectively in so many other settings, there should be no earthly reason why a conference would be any different. At any rate, you’ll have a talking point that none of your attendees is likely to forget.

Pop-Up Events: No Need for a Permanent Structure

There’s been a long-standing misconception that dictates all events should take place in brick and mortar structures. Event pros will be pleased to note that a new trend is steadily taking hold: the pop-up event.
Temporary structures are a great way to fit a large number of people into your event without struggling to find a space for hire.

A  Big Top’s Not Only for the Circus

You could easily fit over 100 attendees into a big top for your event. Utilise the space in such a way that it fits with your theme – make it more comfortable by bringing in soft cushions, a few extra tables, and some gorgeous decor. You’d be surprised at how affordable this option can be, especially if your local circus is in hibernation and could use the extra funds from your rental.

Transparent Marquees can Extend your Event Space

If you’ve planned an event at a historical venue but have no way to accommodate your dinner guests comfortably, consider hiring a transparent marquee.

You would be amazed at the amount of banquet-style table space available inside a marquees. Your guests can enjoy their dinner in comfort, whilst being able to meander leisurely through the building at your chosen location.

Stretch Tents are Trending

If music festivals are anything to go by, stretch tents are a huge hit. Stretch tents are ideal for pop-up events because they work well on any terrain. They offer protection from the elements as they come in virtually any size. And, of course, they look absolutely spectacular.

Without the linear, rigid feel of most other structures, these tents offer a sense of freedom. Event attendees will no doubt experience something akin to that summer vacation feeling – a nostalgic feeling that event organisers so often try to replicate.

Another great feature of stretch tents is the fact that they attach so easily to existing structures. This makes them the obvious choice for smaller event spaces that need cohesion between permanent and existing structures.

How to Find the Ideal Event Venue

The event venue you choose is the foundation for the success you hope for. Finding the perfect venue, whilst still attempting to offer attendees something unique, can be challenging. An out-of-the-box venue is often the number one headache event profs deal with during the planning process.
Many event planners are taken by surprise when they see new venues popping up all over town. Of course, it always seems as though a new venue pops up just as you manage to get to grips with the details of your upcoming event.

Staying updated on trending local event venues is of the utmost importance for any event professional. Here’s how best to do that:

Get Real with Your Clients, Be Humble

The most important thing to do when trying to source event venues is to remember that you are not all-knowing. This is something you need to admit both to yourself and your clients. As an event professional, you need to come to terms to the fact that you will never know everything. This is a career that requires constant learning and constant improvement for the simple fact that everything around you is constantly changing.

The Concierge is Your Number One Source of Info

Finding out what’s happening inside a hotel is as simple as having a chat with the concierge. This is where you’ll find honest feedback, as well as information regarding the goings on at hotel events. You need to know how well a particular hotel venue performs, and what sort of feedback is received from guests their way out.

Conduct a Few Online Investigations

Over the last few years there has been a significant increase in the presence of websites that showcase event venues and all of their pros and cons. In general, you’ll probably find guest reviews as well. Word of mouth is invaluable in this industry; so take heed of the general chatter if you want to stay informed.

Keep Track of Popular Events and Festivals

The organisers of popular festivals are constantly searching for new and exciting venues. These popular events span over various categories including food, music, and theatre – and all of them require fairly large event spaces with a range of attractive amenities. Because these event organisers work outside the realm of corporate functions, they tend to think more creatively. Take the time to chat with them and pick their brains a bit; you may learn something incredibly valuable.