Lead Generation Tools to Get Those B2B Leads Into Your Sales Funnel Fast!

GL Content Team Feb 23, 2021

If there is one thing that we tend to equate, it’s that more leads mean more money. But the number of leads that you get might not always be the most important thing. More and more, people are starting to realise that quality is actually more important. This is the case to the point where 73% of B2B companies have shifted their focus from lead quantity to lead quality. 

So why do you need lead generation tools? Assessing lead quality might be an easier thing to do on a smaller scale. However, when you are doing this on a larger scale, you need to do it at a faster and more efficient rate. This is where lead generation tools come to the rescue. 

Lead generation tools are key to ensuring that you are getting high quality leads. Furthermore, they help with ensuring that you are tracking them accurately through your sales funnel. The more data you collect on your sales funnel, the more you know how to improve your lead generation strategies. Using lead generation tools is an effective way to do just that. 

Here is our list of the top 10 suggestions for lead generation tools that you can use to get those high-quality leads in. 

Email Lead Generation Tools

1. is one of the best lead generation tools, because it integrates well with other sales automation tools. Some of the other benefits of are that you are able to launch cold email campaigns at the click of a button, straight from your browser. By having an automated system, you can increase your overall productivity and optimise your sales efforts. Furthermore, collects data for you. And you can use this data to inform your lead generation strategies. is one of the perfect lead generation tools to use if you want to generate leads in less time, with less effort. 

In terms of pricing, you can expect to pay at least $74 per month if you subscribe to an annual plan. If you subscribe to a monthly plan, you could end up paying $99 per month. 

2. Hunter

Hunter is one of the best lead generation tools for email lead generation. With this tool, you can browse for company email addresses and use those to market your product. Hunter is a great tool to save, manage and contact your  leads. By using the emails that they collect through searches, they are able to show you who you need to target. It does this by providing you with the names and email addresses of companies that have been searching for your services. Hunter works as an extension on most browsers and is an effective way to manage your leads. This is an excellent way to get a high number of leads into the top of your sales funnel.

You can use the tool for free for your first 100 requests. Thereafter, you would have to pay $39 per month for 1000 requests.

3. Leadfeeder

If you are looking for one of the most intuitive lead generation tools, Leadfeeder is the one for you. It can tell you which companies have been visiting your web page, and you can use this information to reach out to them. And the best part is that the companies don’t even need to fill out the forms on your website for you to gather this information. Leadfeeder is able to collect the data for you from the page visits. 

With Leadfeeder, you are also able to access the contact information for the people within the company. It also allows you to reach out to people who might not have reached out to your company before. Leadfeeder is quite a popular lead generation tool in the marketing industry. In fact, it is used by over 30 000 marketers and agencies. Its ability to identify page visitors makes it one of the most useful lead generation tools. Another great feature about Leadfeeder is that is integrates well with other apps, such as HubSpot and 

Mailchimp. There are many different ways that Leadfeeder is one of the best lead generation tools for your business. 

In terms of the pricing, you can start off with a free 14-day trial. Thereafter, the lowest monthly plan goes for $55 per month. 

4. Boomerang

Boomerang allows you to schedule emails by using a Gmail extension. One of the other great things about Boomerang is that it sends emails back to your inbox when you don’t get a response within two days. That way, you know who to follow up with and which leads to chase. This is one of the best lead generation tools for keeping your email leads organised. 

In terms of pricing, you can pay as little as $5 per month to use this lead generation tool. That’s not bad for all of the leads that you will get to generate. 

5. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a division of HubSpot that is solely focused on marketing and sales. With HubSpot Sales, you can see when your email recipients have opened the emails that you have sent them. And when your potential leads open their emails from you, you get a notification. This is an excellent way for you to follow up on your leads. HubSpot Sales also works as a Gmail extension. Its ability to integrate so well makes it one of the most useful lead generation tools for your business. 

Price-wise, you are looking at paying around $50 per month, but there are free plans available. 


This is one of the most multifunctional lead generation tools that are available out there. With, you can do things like:

  • Collect email addresses from company websites
  • Obtain personal and domain named email addresses
  • Find email addresses and names from other platforms such as LinkedIn and Google gives you the ability to use a built-in email verifier to:

  • Send triggered email campaigns
  • Check the found emails

In terms of the cost, you can use for free for up to 50 emails per month. Thereafter, the cheapest paid plan goes for $39 per month. 

7. MailChimp

In terms of email marketing, MailChimp is one of the most popular lead generation tools out there. One of the best things about it is that it has a drag-and-drop email builder that is user-friendly. You can also use MailChimp for email automation. If you use MailChimp, you have the ability to store up to 2000 email contacts. Furthermore, you can send out 12000 emails per month. These are the features that you can get for free, so it only gets better when it comes to the paid plans. 

For the paid plans, you could end up paying as little as $10 per month. 

Landing Page Lead Generation Tools

8. Unbounce

One of the most effective lead generation tools that you can use is a landing page. A landing page should be bold and should tell a potential lead exactly what you do and why they should opt for your product. There can be a lot of moving parts to consider when it comes to building an effective landing page. This is where Unbounce comes in. 

With Unbounce, you can create custom landing pages that speak to your brand. The great thing about Unbounce is that it has a drag-and-drop feature  and templates which make it easy to use. For an additional cost, you can also opt in for A/B testing and pop-ups. These are two landing page bonuses that really help to boost your lead generation even more. 

Unbounce is available on a 30-day free trial and you can also purchase a plan starting from $79 per month. 

9. HubSpot

If you run a SaaS business, then HubSpot is one of the best lead generation tools that you can use. The best thing about it is that it is an all-in-one CRM solution. With HubSpot, you can:

  • Manage your contacts
  • Find new leads
  • Create landing pages

With HubSpot, you can increase your leads, have a streamlined customer service process and grow your sales fast. HubSpot is your all-in-one lead generation and management tool. And the best part is that HubSpot has resources in place to guide you on how to use HubSpot optimally. 

There are many different price options for HubSpot. It all depends on which option you select. But there is also an option to use it for free. 

lead generation tools

10. Instapage

Another one of the lead generation tools that is popularly used is Instapage. This tool is used to build landing pages. And the best part is that it integrates with various other marketing and CRM platforms such as:

  • Salesforce
  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot

Just like Unbouce, this tool also has a drag-and-drop feature  that makes it easy to use. In terms of pricing, Instapage will set you back by $68 per month but this is one of the lead generation tools that is worth the investment. 

Chatbot Lead Generation Tools

11. Tars

Another useful tool to increase your lead generation rates is the inclusion of a chatbot. Chatbots are one of the most effective lead generation tools for increasing your lead generation rates. This is because they allow you to respond to potential leads faster. This can instantly spark the interest of the potential lead and get them to opt it faster. 

One of the greatest benefits of Tars is that it is user-friendly. It is a plug and play app that doesn’t require any kind of coding experience from you. Responding to your potential leads can be as easy as responding to a text. Tars is used by multinational corporations such as DHL and Honda. So it is clearly one of those lead generation tools that could benefit your business immensely. 

Now for the dent to your pocket. They do have a 14-day trial version available. Thereafter, if you are an early start-up, you can use it for $99 per month. Depending on the size of your company, plans can start from $499 per month. 

lead generation tools

12. Intercom

As mentioned above, having a chatbot is one of the best lead generation tools to attract leads fast. Intercom is another useful tool to respond to your potential leads quickly. Intercom also allows you to:

  • Publish help articles on your webpage for potential leads
  • Send targeted messages
  • Manage conversations

Unfortunately, there are no free plans for Intercom but you can use the software for as little as $49 per month. 

Final Thoughts on Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation tools are the key to getting your leads into your sales funnel. But admittedly, you do need to have strategies in place that inform how you will use these tools. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that you get high-quality leads into the funnel so that you can have higher conversion rates. By using a combination of lead generation tools and strategies, you can increase your chances of doing just that. 

Lead generation can be a very tricky thing to achieve. But the point in all of this is that you need to equip yourself with various tools. Using a multi-faceted approach is also more likely to result in you yielding higher results. In our post, we have highlighted how you can target your leads by using lead generation tools via email, landing pages and chatbot. 

Another thing to bear in mind is that time is money. So the more efficient you are with how you use your time and resources, the more time you can spend focusing on devising targeted ways to get those leads into your funnel. The best thing about lead generation tools is that you tell them what to do and they do all of the work for you. But in order for this to be effective, you need to do your research. 

There is nothing more powerful than understanding your audience. So take the time to really understand which businesses you are targeting, what their pain points are and how you can address them. But by using multiple lead generation tools and strategies, you can increase your leads and watch your business grow.