Creating Out of This World Content – The Advertising Hour Podcast

GL Content Team Jan 05, 2021

Recently, our founder Raj Anand had the privilege to join Scott Colenutt on The Advertising Hour podcast. During their chat, Raj and Scott took a look at the GL journey; how the company began and how it transformed into what it is now. Spoiler alert: it didn’t necessarily start with content writing. It’s been a long and winding road full of challenges and lessons learned.

Raj sheds some light on how we work with our clients in a collaborative way. It’s all about being flexible and making sure we understand their requirements depending on where they are in their content marketing journey. We assign a fully fledged content writing team, including a project manager, editor, and writers to each client. This helps us make sure that every possible base is covered. Content marketing is never a one-person show; there’s more to it than writing simple text.

gl content writing on the advertising hour

This episode tackles a fantastic amount of interesting subject matter including: .

  • The benefits of a tier-based pricing model
  • Upselling bespoke services to existing clients at a later date
  • How to keep your brand message clear when outsourcing your content to an agency
  • The marvel of innovation consulting
  • Why remote working is a blessing in disguise
  • What MarTech investors look for in a business
  • Trends in MarTech product, particularly how AI is being used in content development

Head on over to the podcast and get ready for a fully hour of informative, entertaining chit chat – it’ll definitely be worth your while.