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Case Studies and the Role They Play in Your Business Marketing Goals

GL Content Team Dec 09, 2019

Most successful companies in the business sector are no strangers to the power and potential of proactive marketing. Whether using video footage, infographics, ebooks or testimonials, content marketing has many pronounced benefits to offer.

Effectively opening a mode of communication with consumers, content marketing is able to directly improve business output in relation to client response, through highlighting important aspects including product popularity, sale rates and needed solutions.  In conjunction with this, case studies can also be seen as a very beneficial form of content marketing.

They provide an element of storytelling that can better share your product or company information in a less aggressive manner, and because of this, statistics have shown that as much as 92% of consumers prefer a story based form of advertising. It all comes down to how your case studies are created.

Fundamental Components to Consider in Your Case Studies

An important fact to keep in mind is that your marketing campaigns will only be as successful as the amount of effort you put into them. Be it the style in which you write your content, your marketing elements or the subjects you choose. Doing a little research and ensuring your provided information is as beneficial to your audience as possible is vital in creating a proactive output instead of a waste of space.

A few important aspects to consider include:

Your Chosen Title 

Being the first thing readers see, your title will effectively set the pace for the rest of your offered information. Titles should be short and catchy, to the point and can even include the success you want to discuss. For example – Global Outsourcing Company Slashes Data Editing Costs.

They are meant to grab public attention and make readers want to know more.

Subject Summary and Overviews

Subject overviews and summaries are the very point of a case study. By including a well written subject summary you can effectively showcase what the difficulty was and how your company successfully addressed it while improving your client’s end goals in the process.

In essence this is what your readers want to know about, how did you help others and can you effectively help them as well.

Highlighting the Problem

By providing an in-depth view into the difficulties the client was facing, your case studies can provide a form of relatability. Most business problems are common, and no one enjoys feeling alone in their crisis.

Making sure the difficulties are present also allows for a more exciting final solution reveal, which can greatly improve your marketing reaction.

Providing Solutions 

This is it, the part all of your readers have been waiting for. A realistic fact of marketing is that the majority of your consumers only really care about what they can get out of the product or service you’re offering. A sad reality but one that can be used as a marketing advantage.

By blatantly revealing the solutions you provided and the benefits involved in that, more of your readers could find themselves comparing your services to other services they have gotten. Make it sound extremely beneficial and you could find more clients turning to you when they need something done.


Getting results is what content marketing is all about, and when you provide well written case studies that is exactly what you can achieve. Case studies can provide concrete evidence that your services work and investing resources into your company can be a worthwhile endeavor.

Metrics and statistics are very well used in this section because they provide a greater level of believability to your claims. For example: statistics have shown that  47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.

Successful Marketing Comes Down to the Quality of your Choices

While providing well written case studies can assist in many of your marketing needs, choosing the right content and client type is just as important. There are numerous ways to achieve this but getting down to basics to determine where and how you can achieve your best impact comes down to a few simple details:

Selecting the Right Target Audience

The larger your chosen audience is, the better your marketing chances will be. As said before many business difficulties are common, so whether you want to assist with workload, costs, legal matters or brand growth. Chances are there will be businesses needing your assistance.

The trick is in making sure your case studies and other forms of content marketing is accessible to the right people, namely business owners, CEOs and other marketing teams.

Providing a Sense of Reliability

Case studies can be seen as a marketing success story when used well. It’s understandable that companies are less likely to share their less successful stories, however in the same way that testimonials provide a sense of customer satisfaction.

Case studies can effectively provide the same topic information while also highlighting the experiences other clients have had. Helping newer client feel more assured as well as informed.

Including your Client

It’s important to remember that as helpful as case studies can be to your marketing goals, they are in fact not only about you. Keeping your client involved in this process is vital and can have severe consequences if not properly handled.

By ensuring your client is comfortable with you discussing the details of your assistance and how it affected them, you will be better prepared and could even benefit from their direct input which will add even more credit to the final product.

The Power of Case Studies and Defining the Sense in Your Business Marketing

Whether used as a means to elaborate on specific findings or to better reach and educate your audience, case studies are a powerful marketing tool that provide numerous benefits when used correctly. When publishing a case study on your website, LinkedIn profile or local newspapers or magazines take the time to ensure it not only describes what took place but effectively showcases what your business is all about and more importantly what you’re capable of.