Simple Marketing Tips That We Can Learn From Celebrities

GL Content Team Aug 13, 2019

We all know the saying, “The stars are the limit.” Originally meant as an inspiration or motivation, it has changed and adapted – taking on a life of its own. Now, it conjures up visions of glitzy and glamorous lifestyles. Throughout the years, celebrities have been harnessing the power of their talent and notoriety to achieve larger fan bases, greater incomes, and vaster networks. They do this by combining smart business sense with popularity-based thinking.

Today, marketing has become a whole new ball game. Whether it’s a perfume advert, a new brand release, or celebrity endorsements, it has become apparent that the aim of the game is to get your name out there. When it all comes down to it, he stars have always done it best.

When looking at such an esteemed level of success and wealth, one cannot help but ask, “What could the rest of us gain by taking a page out of a celebrity’s marketing book?”

Marketing Tips You Can Apply to your Next Campaign

Numerous different factors go into a successful marketing campaign; each as important as the product or image you are trying to promote. Making sure you use the correct approach can mean the difference between success and failure, and in most cases you only get one attempt. There is no one more familiar with this concept than a celebrity. They make their bread and butter on go big or go home concepts.

Here are a few reasons why:

Building a Tribe 

In the land of stardom, you’re only as good as your fan base. Because of this celebrities, spend years cultivating a strong following in a variety of different ways. Word of mouth is invaluable after all. There wouldn’t be much point to marketing if you had no one to market to, now would there?
Sharing one’s passion and spreading the vibe could be seen as the soul of what marketing stands for. They say there is strength in numbers and that could very well be one of the reasons why celebrities seem so powerful from afar, its difficult to feel small when the masses are chanting your name.

Creating a client base (or following) is the most essential part of marketing, and there are numerous ways it can be achieved including drawing attention to yourself and the products you have on offer. Making your business look as attractive as possible and striking where people tend to look the most. AKA Social Media.

One great example of this is the big moving and shaking some celebrities achieve on public platforms. Instagram statistics have shown that Beyoncé is currently one of the top 5 most-followed people on the app; raking in between 5 and 10 million likes on most photos.

Beyoncé has managed to turn herself into an iconic beauty, revered not only for her incredible singing ability but her luscious long hair and breathtaking smile.This specific move also opened numerous doors to a beauty product line and a relatable femininity the public adores.

As a means of getting your name and your face known, social media has become an incredible marketing tool and something that should be used to its greatest potential.

Speaking your Client’s Language 

Presenting themselves in a manner their clients and fans can relate to, celebrities and companies spend a lot of time not only promoting themselves but selling themselves in the universal language of prosperity. Making sure your message is received on the client’s level is fundamental to success. The best marketing campaigns are always kept simple and to the point, avoiding confusion and frustration.

A great example of this Steve Jobs. Instead of blasting clients with an overwhelming amount of technical details, his leading pages are always to the point and bursting with benefits. At the end of the day the main thing your client wants to hear is how they can benefit from using your product or supporting your movement.

Loving what you do

Passion is by far the most important ingredient in a successful marketing recipe, whether that means strutting your stuff on the red carpet or throwing your heart into your next business campaign.

A great example of this is the famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not! The entire concept of this worldwide show was created by Robert Ripley’s pure passion for the extreme, unusual, and unique. Going back as far as 1930, the Ripley franchise began as a highly successful newspaper panel that took off with such a bang it was converted to radio and later the television show so many have come to love.

Due to the combination of excitement generated not only by the producers and team but the audience as well, no location was too far, no area to dangerous and no fact too obscure, the lifeblood pumped into this fantastic idea lead to an international following and a massive corporation now housing over 20,000 photographs, 30,000 artifacts and more than 100,000 cartoon panels. With 80-plus attractions.

By applying this kind of passion to your marketing campaigns, your chances of a long-lasting success can quadruple, simply by making your kind of passion contagious.

Taking the Time to Listen

As much as the public adores sensationalism, there are times when they are better able to connect to the type of content they can relate to. An important point to remember is that the majority of your clients already know about your product because they use it daily. Simply relying on information output can lead to redundant results. Growth can be defined by learning. The best way to do that is by listening to your clients and working with that feedback.

A great example of this is talk shows like Oprah, which creates a dynamic that brings the public into the show and makes them a physical part of it. Over the years, Oprah became famous for her giving nature and many lives have been changed because of it.

Her approach became more than just another talk show, she started paying attention to what people needed. Launching home remodeling projects, charity movements and needed assistance when people asked, and as a result, instead of being just another television personality she turned into a daytime angel.

Sometimes what you can give will greatly change what you end up getting back.

No Concept is Exactly the Same 

One of the leading stresses in any industry is the level of competition you need to stand off against in order to succeed. An important point to remember is no matter how much or how little competition there is in your industry, every concept can be unique. Learning to make that work for you can dynamically change your end success.

When it comes to the bottom line of business, the how will always trump the what. They say there is nothing new under the sun, and this is quite true in most cases. Yet even i
a world where there are so many types of  deals, salesmen still manage to sell their goods. Why? Because they change the way they do it.

A great example of this would be the Apprentice. The business/marketing industry is by far the most saturated of them all. Yet despite such staggering odds, these salesmen turned their concept into a televised competition and successfully grabbed the attention of the masses, it was a bold and unique idea and even though they are just another group of salesmen, their execution turned them into a revolution. At the end of the day, finding a way to stand out is the very point of marketing.

The Point of Marketing and How to Get it Done Right 

When done right, marketing not only has the power to launch a business or increase your notoriety, it can also change the way the world sees you and what you stand for. There may be over 7 billion people living on this earth but a vast majority of them are dying to make their mark.

When designing a marketing campaign, make sure you use the most effective methods. Your goal is to cut down to the core of the issue and customise your approach to not only establish your brand but give it a noteworthy identity.

As the stars of Hollywood have shown, you might not win them all but the ones you do win can catapult you and your business into that coveted spotlight.