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How to Increase the Money Your Customers Spend via Your Mobile app

GL Content Team Jul 26, 2019

Mobile apps are big business. When we say big business, we mean SERIOUSLY big business. According to stats from BuildFire, between 2016 and 2017 there was a 35% increase in spending via mobile apps.

This means that if you don’t have a mobile app for your business, you need to get one. If you do have one, you need to maximise the amount of money your customers spend with you using your mobile app because, as can be seen by the numbers, people are keen to spend money using their smart device – be it a tablet or smartphone.

In this post, we’ll share six tips with you about how you can increase customer spending via your mobile app.

person holding black iphone 4Implement A Customer Loyalty Program

Researchers, from 2006 to 2016, looked at the growth patterns experienced by customer loyalty programmes in the United States and found the growth to be staggering – from 3.3 million to 3.8 billion – in the last two years of the 10 years.

This means that people are willing to be a part of these types of programmes in which companies reward loyalty from customers, though only if they receive tangible benefits.

So, to stimulate customers to spend on your mobile app, why not incentivise them to do so with, say, for instance, a 10% voucher off their in-app purchases? As they are getting tangible benefits, they’ll be more likely to keep on coming back to your app.

Monitor in-app Behaviour

The beauty of having customers purchase via your app is that you can monitor their behaviour. For example, if they keep on browsing goods in a particular section of the store, and leave without making a purchase, you can target these customers with targeted ads. In addition, you can also upsell them on various products – in their preferred departments – when, for example, there are specials on the products or there are new products on offer.

Ask for Customer Input

You need to take care of your customers. If you don’t – and they feel it – they’ll leave you for your competitors. If they are impressed by your competitors, they won’t come back. The stats back this up. More than half of people in the US have not gone through with a planned purchase because they received bad customer service.

The best way that you can make your customers feel that their opinions matter to you is by posing the question to them of what they think of your company. If you’re not getting a good uptake on your survey, give a little bit of an incentive. We guarantee that this will get them racing to fill in your questionnaire.

Strengthen Your Branding

One of the critical things that you can do to get people to start buying via your app is by building a strong brand. A lot of people are hesitant to make any purchases through an app as they feel that these platforms are not secure. However, if people recognise your brand in the marketplace, and you develop an app, they will be more likely to make purchases as they trust you.

Encourage Mobile App Downloads

If you want to increase customer spend through your mobile app, you first need to get people to download the app. A fabulous way to do this is to advertise your mobile app on your mobisite. Have special offers available to people who make purchases through the app to encourage these types of purchases.

Harness the Power of Push Notifications

Push notifications are powerful on mobile apps as these devices can prompt people to take immediate action on your mobile app. However, use these sparingly as the more push notifications that you send out, the more likely it is that your users will become irritated with your app and uninstall it.

As with all marketing strategies, it’s never a good idea to only try one approach. The same goes for marketing mobile apps. So in your quest to increase the visibility of your mobile app and, in the process, increase customer spend on this, make sure that you try a variety of techniques to help you achieve your ultimate goal.