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Creative Lead Generation Approaches for the 21st Century Salesperson

GL Content Team Mar 04, 2019

Say what you like about sales, no matter how you look at it, the entire lead generation process is a tough gig. It’s even more of a challenge when you’re forced to rely on traditional approaches. When your days are filled with sending cold emails and painstakingly scraping together lists, it’s hard not to feel despondent and demoralized.

The fact of the matter is that when you’re going through the cold calling and cold email process, most of these people don’t really want to talk to you. Sales can be somewhat of a lonely road if you’re sticking to the old school script.

It’s important to switch up your tactics and take a more modern approach. If you don’t, you’ll fall behind. It’s time to reach your lead generation goals while adding value for your prospects. It’s time to network and build relationships instead of focusing on the hard sell.

creative lead generation techniques

1) Take Advice From the Pros

It’s always smart to collect success secrets from thought leaders. It’s even smarter to share these tidbits with your prospects. One of the best ways to provide unparalleled value in your content it to reach out to an expert in your industry and ask for an interview. It doesn’t have to be a long and complex process. A few choice words are all you need. Pass this information on to your customers and over time it’ll become clear that you’re committed to delivering the best possible advice to your entire network.

2) Use Google Scraping Tools

GoPinLeads is a Chrome Extension that scrapes data from Google Maps, LinkedIn, and other credible online sources, and delivers a comprehensive database to your email inbox within minutes. It’ll show you the businesses you’re looking for, who works there, what their details are, and their address. With just a click of a button you’ll have access to all the information you need to target the right kind of prospects – people who might actually want to talk about your services or products.

3) Be Helpful Via Video

We exist in a time where people want handy information at their fingertips. The less effort involved for them, the better. Very few people want to sift through lengthy FAQs or articles to find solutions to their problems. By creating help videos, you can take a step towards becoming an industry authority and solve real-world problems for prospects in a way that’s completely accessible and easily understandable.

4) Harness the SEO-centric Power of Client Reviews

Here’s a fun fact: review platforms have a strong presence in organic search results. So, while you’re building up your own SEO foundations, you can use these review platforms as a way to extend the reach of your brand presence and get noticed by the right target audience. Use your social channels (or email) to get your customers to leave reviews on these platforms. Without paying even the smallest amount of cash, you’ll exponentially increase your chances of being found by the right prospects.

5) Share Your Success

You want prospects to know that you’re good at what you do. The best way to get that message across is to highlight your successes. Write a transparent blog or social media post that sheds light on something you’ve done well in. You’ll be offering value both to potential clients and to other companies going through similar growth phases as your own. Be the kind of company that offers inspiration and transparency; it’s the best way to build trust.

6) Create Useful Resources (Like Worksheets or Spreadsheets)

Every business has tasks that can be simplified. Worksheets are a great way to take the common processes and break them down into something more accessible. If, for example, you need to review the content and design of a website (yours or a client’s) it’s possible to create a worksheet that gathers all the necessary answers in order to make the entire process much easier.

Similarly, creating spreadsheets of resources can take a good long while. The process isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Creating these for prospects and trading them for an opt-in is a good way to communicate value whilst getting something in return.