Social Media

Why so many photos?

GL Content Team Dec 13, 2017

Raj Anand, Goodman Lantern

My friends think my pictures on LinkedIn are embarrassing! They don’t understand why I keep doing it with almost every post I send out.

Some people may consider it vanity, having my own face all over my social media. The truth is that pictures get more attention.

I know it’s easier to show you my reasons than to explain them in detail, so I did an experiment to prove my strategy.

Here’s a post I did with no photo attached. I got 4,025 views, 15 likes, and 23 comments. Not bad, but not my best.

Raj 11.png

Here’s one with a basic headshot of mine. I got 7,091 views, 57 likes, and 28 comments. Much better!

Raj 12.png

I also tested what happens when I use an infographic. This time, I got 1,130 views, 4 likes, and 1 comment. In short, it didn’t work.

Raj 13.png

As you can see, pictures get more attention. By simply adding a picture to my posts, people know who’s talking to them. It shows my commitment to being contactable, involved, and engaged in my business.

My friends and family may see my face enough, but my network sees me far less. They don’t know me as well as others might, and these platforms help me fix that.