Celebrating the Top 50 Women in Tech

GL Content Team Oct 12, 2017

Women are powerful. At Goodman Lantern, we understand that. We also understand that in an ideal world, business is genderless. These women know how to achieve results – that’s the bottom line.

Here are the first ten of the Top 50 Women in Tech as nominated by you!

1. Yesim Saydan

Yesim Saydan is a 5-lingual Growth Hacker and Social Media Strategist with extensive international experience.

After being responsible for global projects of multinational brands such as Citibank in New York and BNP Paribas in Paris, she set up her own Digital Consultancy to help companies, whose mission she believes in, reach their goals by bringing out of box thinking to their Social Media Marketing as well as creative Growth Hacking tactics.

Yesim left a well-paid corporate job and took a big risk to start as an Entrepreneur, because she wanted to work with innovative, creative companies and startups, who are changing the world. She feels very fulfilled and lucky about working with smart, driven people, whose meaningful mission she can contribute to significantly.

Her other dream was to be able to work from anywhere in the world. As a self-starter, Yesim can now spend quality time with her parents in Turkey, while continuing to explore the different parts of this magical world we live in.

2. Jessica Thomas

Possessing complex knowledge and technical ability through previous roles at market-leading social intelligence company, Brandwatch, Jessica founded Ten Bear Social – a remote consultancy specialising in social data and analytics. Jessica has emerged as an expert in her field and continues to successfully support clients through the most critical business stages by optimising their social intelligence strategies.

With significant growth in its first year of trading, Ten Bear continues to expand its already impressive portfolio. Jessica has achieved a strong and credible reputation in her sector by challenging the way businesses leverage social data and has succeeded in developing a small remote business into a key specialist for social intelligence insight.

3. Camila Cywiakowski

Brazilian-turned-British with a strong drive to succeed, Camila loves nature, science, and anything technology based. She once helped her dad build a huge satellite dish in the garden (true story).

Camila implemented operational tools, migrated services, and created new business models -including a new service that went on to become an industry leader in the UK.

She feels that her greatest achievement is definitely her impact on others. Camila has always promoted the use of technology as a way to improve productivity and job satisfaction. To hear that even though she may have been tough on them in the past, people were grateful for how that ‘push’ placed them in a strong position in their careers down the line. Camila has trained around 100 graduates over the years, if not more.

4. Nayab Bookwala

Nayab spent the last decade in television and broadcast media in various roles with expertise in Brand Development, Marketing, and Events with some of the leading media conglomerates in India.

Since moving to Houston, Texas a few years ago, she launched Bohra Pantry (www.bohrapantry.com), a brand of spices for the Bohra cuisine in the USA. She learned the different aspects of starting up a new business on the job, right from sourcing manufacturers, optimizing logistics, handling imports & shipping and online retail operations.

Today, as the Co-founder of Indian Food Trail (www.indianfoodtrail.com), a food-tech platform that offers home-dining experiences by empowering Indian home-chefs located across the globe, she manages Product, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, and Operations. Indian Food Trail is also working towards reducing child hunger through their Meal For A Meal campaign, where they donate a meal for every meal sold on their platform.

5. Dr. Katia WAlsh

Dr. Katia Walsh is one of the world’s top leaders in transforming businesses from product- to customer-centric brands through Data and Analytics. She forms world-class teams and harnesses Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Digital Solutions to drive unprecedented business, customer, and societal outcomes in telecommunications and financial services.

Dr. Walsh and her team are enabling 1 billion Euros in annual commercial value for Vodafone by using Data and Analytics to deliver a predictive, proactive, and personalized experience to each of Vodafone’s 400 million customers in 27 operating countries. They are also spearheading analysis of mobile data for social good, for example, to help the unbanked or track and prevent the spread of malaria in Africa, as well as mentoring and inspiring youth and women globally.

6. Beth Burrell

A seasoned channel veteran, passionate about people and technology, Beth has been in the digital disruption arena since before it was mainstream.  She is an accomplished leader in enterprise technology solutions and project management, with a focus on always doing the right thing for the project and customer.  Beth’s peers describe her as reliable, knowledgeable and always having a “can-do” attitude, one stating that “every organization needs a Beth Burrell.”

A VP at a Fortune 500 firm at a young age, Beth has been a frequent speaker at conferences and an avid blogger.  She currently works for a Microsoft Dynamics Consulting firm and serves as the US Chair for the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners Women in Technology (IAMCP WIT).  Beth manages to balance work and her role within IAMCP WIT as a single mother raising her awesome 12 year old son!

7. Michele Chambers

Michele is a passionate entrepreneurial executive with over 30 years of technology experience in sales, marketing, business development, product management and development in areas as diverse as advanced analytics, data science, big data and databases.

She is a builder and leader of high performance teams that blow away their goals and a four-time book author published by O’Reilly, Wiley, and Pearson FT Press.

8. Jui Patil

Jui describes herself as a “creative, a visionary and goal oriented woman.” As an Architect, she creates her vision and achieves it, in the same way she executes her created designs.

Jui is published in various magazines and portals, awarded as a skilled architect by the Government portal of India, and empaneled as an architect under various portals of the Government of India.

9. Sweta Ghosh

Sweta Ghosh is an entrepreneur who has started up her own venture, partnering with her younger sister. Together, they own a cafe in Kolkata named Blue Mug-Coffee & Thoughts.

It’s been 9 months since the opening of Blue Mug, and has quickly become one of the most popular cafes in Kolkata.

10. Kiley Doll

We’re fortunate enough to have one of the nominees in this list actively involved in the growth of Goodman Lantern: Kiley Doll, the company’s sales director. Some know her as a serial entrepreneur. Others have referred to her as a “sales generating machine.”

Kiley started out in the real estate industry as a broker, where she spent 14 years consistently ranking among the top 10% high earning realtors her company. Her passion for progress has led to the pursuit of a prosperous career in business development, having consulted and worked with well-known household names including Amazon, EO, Long Realty Company, in North America, Europe, and Africa. This rockstar “oumi” of eight is one of those female leaders the tech industry desperately needs to inspire the up-and-coming generation.

One of her other great successes is the Kover Kritters brand. In the development of this product, she became one of the few female inventors to run a successful Kickstarter campaign, taking the brand all the way from idealisation to realisation.

Stay tuned for the next ten women in this list. We’re excited to share their success stories with you!

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