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10 Tips for using Content Marketing in Recruitment

GL Content Team Nov 18, 2016

Until very recently, content marketing was thought of as a tool used solely for boosting sales and growth. However, the versatility of content marketing is rapidly making its mark. Every industry has its own pool of potential employees, all of whom are interested in useful content that could assist them in their job hunt. Recruitment agencies are beginning to use this tool to their advantage, creating pertinent, poignant content that will assist them in finding model employees for the companies who make use of their services.

A recruitment agency’s customers want to hire the best of the best; that much is abundantly clear. What some recruiters may overlook is the fact that job candidates want to work with industry leaders as well. Cleverly written content can, and should, show prospective employees that the team they wish to join is credible, innovative, and ultimately worth committing their talents to. 

Ten invaluable tips to make content marketing work for your recruitment agency today