Tips for Management Consulting Candidates

GL Content Team Jul 07, 2016

It seems like management consulting professionals never quite escape the plight of being candidates. On average, consultants seem to apply for new jobs every 3 to 4 years; thus never really escaping the interview process.
The reasons for moving from one position to the next are numerous. Fulfillment, of course, is at the top of the list, closely followed by financial rewards and recognition.

Make your Move for the Right Decisions

In an industry as volatile as this one, making decisions for the right reasons is of the utmost importance. Weigh up the pros and cons of moving jobs before you commit – you need to be sure that you’re doing right by yourself.

Figuring out your reasons behind the move will enable you to find the right firm for you. Take enough time to search for firms that fit in with your values and goals. As a management consultant you cannot afford to become a part of a company that isn’t a good fit: it’s bad for the company and for you.

Consider your position before making a move as well. If you’re higher up on the food chain, you might find it easier to find a new position than you would at base level. Put your feelers out, do some asking around, make sure you know absolutely everything you need to know. Starting fresh in the consulting industry isn’t necessarily an easy feat.

Make Yourself Valuable

If you’re looking to join a specific company, you need to do your bit to make yourself an asset. Your success depends largely on your ability to maximise your own chances of success, rather than hoping that the right company will do it for you.

Your achievements are important when searching for a better job. Make sure you’re armed with facts and stats that bolster your value. Consultants have a fairly serious level of responsibility, and your new firm will want to know that you are capable of tackling the challenge.