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Pop-Up Events: No Need for a Permanent Structure

GL Content Team Jun 22, 2016

There’s been a long-standing misconception that dictates all events should take place in brick and mortar structures. Event pros will be pleased to note that a new trend is steadily taking hold: the pop-up event.
Temporary structures are a great way to fit a large number of people into your event without struggling to find a space for hire.

A  Big Top’s Not Only for the Circus

You could easily fit over 100 attendees into a big top for your event. Utilise the space in such a way that it fits with your theme – make it more comfortable by bringing in soft cushions, a few extra tables, and some gorgeous decor. You’d be surprised at how affordable this option can be, especially if your local circus is in hibernation and could use the extra funds from your rental.

Transparent Marquees can Extend your Event Space

If you’ve planned an event at a historical venue but have no way to accommodate your dinner guests comfortably, consider hiring a transparent marquee.

You would be amazed at the amount of banquet-style table space available inside a marquees. Your guests can enjoy their dinner in comfort, whilst being able to meander leisurely through the building at your chosen location.

Stretch Tents are Trending

If music festivals are anything to go by, stretch tents are a huge hit. Stretch tents are ideal for pop-up events because they work well on any terrain. They offer protection from the elements as they come in virtually any size. And, of course, they look absolutely spectacular.

Without the linear, rigid feel of most other structures, these tents offer a sense of freedom. Event attendees will no doubt experience something akin to that summer vacation feeling – a nostalgic feeling that event organisers so often try to replicate.

Another great feature of stretch tents is the fact that they attach so easily to existing structures. This makes them the obvious choice for smaller event spaces that need cohesion between permanent and existing structures.