Events Marketing

Evening Events: Why they Matter

GL Content Team Jun 17, 2016

Evening events at conferences often get a bad rap. Most event planners find themselves wondering whether hosting an evening event is worth the trouble at all. After a long day of meetings, talks, and manning exhibition stands, attendees may question whether or not they have the resilience to stay after hours…unless the experience is worth it.

An Opportunity for Networking

In general, huge conferences are often a little too bustling for any real networking opportunities. Evening events present attendees with a space to relax and unwind; to mingle with their peers and perhaps find a chance to fit in some relatively “chilled” networking, should the opportunity present itself.

For instance, many attendees who spend their day scrambling through busy conference hall look forward to some down-time. They enjoy a scheduled evening event which provides a much-needed chance to chat to vendors, sponsors, speakers, and industry leaders.

Emphasis on Personal Brand

While the main conference is centered around the vendors and sponsors, an evening networking event presents attendees with the opportunity to showcase their personal brand. These business networking events are an amazing way to keep abreast of any important trends in the industry.

Foster Professional Relationships

Personal and professional growth should be the end goal of every event attendee. Of course, walking away with a number of useful contacts is an absolute must. Evening events present the perfect opportunity to build new relationships. They offer a chance to focus on maintaining existing relationships. All in all, there is no doubt that an open and relaxed setting is better suited to forming new acquaintances.

Education without Boredom

Conferences, as a whole, are designed to educate and hopefully inspire. Unfortunately, the massive nature of the main event can lead to an impersonal feel. The fact of the matter is that people absorb information better when there is a personal feel to it.

Evening events present the opportunity for vendors and attendees to connect on a one-on-one basis. In fact, nothing boosts the ability to absorb information quite like a simple face-to-face conversation.