How to be a Successful Event Marketer

GL Content Team Jun 08, 2016

Becoming an amazing event marketer is more than possible with the veritable smorgasbord of techniques and tools available. Following a few simple tips can assist you in creating highly effective campaigns that draw in attendees in droves.

Remain Focused on your Goals

With so many details involved in planning an event, and so many facets to remember, it comes as no surprise that sometimes event planners lose sight of their initial goal. Before settling down into the planning process, it may be worth your while to carefully note your goals (in detail) to ensure that you remain on track throughout.

Design your Campaign Specifically for your Target Audience

One of the biggest mistakes an event professional can make, is to cast a wide net in hopes of catching as many fish as possible. In order for an event to succeed, try grouping your target audience into groups by focusing on their common interests, pain points, or motivations. Once you have created these target groups, you can create campaigns that are more specific and therefore more likely to succeed.

Don’t Forget About Metrics

One of the best things about modern online marketing is the simple fact that almost everything is measurable. Each and every campaign you embark on should have metrics set up at the onset as this will allow you to track progress right from the get-go. This is an automated, time-saving, and often free tool that will greatly improve your marketing tactics.

Learn to Conduct a “Pre-Mortem”

The term may sound alarming at first, but a pre-mortem can prove to be incredibly enlightening. Before launching a campaign, you and your team should take the time to envision what would happen if your entire event was nothing short of disastrous. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, you will be generating a set of ideas that will prevent this nightmare from befalling your event. It’s a powerful form of brainstorming you’ll soon learn to be thankful for.