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Ever-Changing Event Social Media Strategies

GL Content Team Jun 01, 2016

Social media is constantly in motion. It’s an ever-growing, ever-evolving communicative medium that has a mind of its own. Due to its sometimes unpredictable nature, event organisers should be aware of the fact that their social media strategies require regular adjustments, deeper insights, and frequent research.
Over the last few months, even social media kingpins like Twitter and Facebook have announced a new array of features and changes in algorithms that will affect the way these platforms are used by individuals and businesses alike.

Eliminate the “Anti-Social” Aspect of Social Media

Due to the enormity of social media as a whole, it can feel a little impersonal when interacting with brands online. Many social media users have reported feeling as though they’re dealing with a big machine, rather than actual human beings.

“There is increased interest from our membership regarding interacting via Facebook and Twitter, so we definitely want to build on that momentum. I’m still working on goals and execution, but I would like to use social media to create more buzz around our events, not only with members but prospective members and attendees,” says Adrienne Bryan, database manager for the Association of Florida Colleges.

One of the best strategies is to find volunteers to collaborate with creatively on social media. Something that has turned out to be quite popular is the ‘Instagram takeover’ during which the company in question surrenders their event page to the volunteer for the entirety of the event. It adds some unexpected spice to the brand – you would be surprised at the difference a change in tone and pace can make.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

One of the most important things to consider when working on your social media strategy, is realising that this is no place to establish a comfort zone. In terms of social media, you always need to be on your toes.

Don’t stick to the same old platforms you’ve gotten used to over the years. Keep yourself open to the possibility of using new tools and applications as and when they become available to you. New social media platforms pop up all the time, and each one creates its own community as it grows. In order to become a successful social media strategist, you need to get in on the ground floor of every new opportunity when it comes along.