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Video Content: The Gateway to Creative Communication

GL Content Team May 19, 2016
Video Content Goodman Lantern

Video content has been gaining popularity recently, to such an extent that in 2010, Forbes reported that among senior executives, 80% report watching more video than they did previously. Alan Newton, Eventopedia’s COO and Co-founder quotes his Creative Director, Pete Davies as saying that, “visual might be the new text,” – a prediction that seems to be coming into it’s own with 75% of senior executives preferring to watch work-related videos on business-related websites, while 52% also make use of YouTube. Newton believes video is the trend that shows the greatest opportunity as a creative communication tool, but cannot be overlooked as a tool for traffic generation when it is considered that 65% followed videos up with a visit to the creator’s website. Cisco has gone on record saying by 2019, consumer internet traffic will be 80% video, which would amount to a 64% rise from 2014’s figures.Video is considered to be the most significant method of communication between companies and their clients, but also in the business to business environment.

Tom Afek, CMO and co-founder of Showbox, believes that the creative and intelligent use of intuitive production platforms combined with appropriate research and execution allows any marketing manager to create engaging video content to highlight their company.  He recommends four “basic principles” of creating video content, beginning with the often underestimated importance of great content to fill the video with. A tight, punchy message is given a new breath of fresh air when coupled with engaging visuals and audio cues. Also vital is an attitude of transparency and a focus on viewer engagement – both aspects can appear daunting, but can be achieved by efficiently utilizing user feedback tools that allow comments and interaction between consumers and companies.

Another vital aspect to be considered is the placement of your video. Afek recommends a combined strategy of using a video hosting service such as YouTube, but stresses the importance of embedding the video on a relevant, prominent section of your company’s own site, diminishing the problems caused by distraction of competitor videos with good ratings. Consistency is the final piece of Afek’s focus, highlighting the need for a dependable and reliable outlook that communicates stoicism and steadfastness of resolve to any potential clients who view a number of videos in succession, or who are exposed to your company’s content over time. The fact is that the next generation of consumers demand to know as much as they can about every facet of the companies they support and to feel involved in their lifecycle – a sentiment that is often summed up into the extremely broad term, ‘relationship building.’