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Sustainability Trends to Look Out For in 2016/2017

GL Content Team May 10, 2016

Call it “eco-friendly”, “green”, or “environmentally responsible” – whichever phrase you prefer, sustainability is here to stay. Particularly in the world of event planning, a sustainable approach seems to be the order of the day. Over the next few years we’re definitely going to be seeing some important changes happening; and if you’re not joining the pack, you’re going to get left far behind.
A More Ethical Approach

Consumers are looking for transparency. Companies who want to stay in the game are going to have to take a serious look at their ethics policies. Sustainability reports, such as the MCI Sustainability Report, are proof that companies will need to get a whole lot better at dealing with public scrutiny, offering their “real story” right off the bat.

Less is More

Efficient technology is the order of the day. Events need to be paperless, wireless, or indeed lacking in anything that complicates the event-goers experience in any way. In addition, the mobile technology you choose needs to be energy efficient as well – over-consumption in any form is a no go.

Sustainability Driven Consumerism

Event organisers need to bear in mind that consumers feel as though they are “casting a vote” with their purchase. Conscious consumerism is rapidly taking over the entire buying process, with buyers preferring to support both local businesses and those with an appropriate eco-friendly approach.

Meme-ability in Marketing

It should come as no surprise that quality humour is a powerful weapon in sustainability marketing. It appears as though a good sense of humour is equated with honesty, which is so deeply sought-after in modern marketing campaigns.