Potential Buyers List: The Smart Approach

GL Content Team Sep 04, 2015

Around 50% of sales go to the first person to contact the buyer. This statistic alone proves that potential buyers lists  are invaluable to up-and-coming business owners. While it may only be a small part of the entire market research process, compiling a buyer’s list is certainly one of the most important. Without a potential buyers list, selling a product would be a lot like shooting the hoops blindfolded.

Generally speaking, the most effective way to compile a potential buyers list would be to approach a company that is highly experienced in the field of market research. A team of these researchers is generally better equipped to deal with the legwork involved. Consider the fact that these sorts of companies have access to vast transaction databases, as well as a remarkable leveraging ability with all of their existing connections. It is much simpler for these professional market researchers to put you in contact with the right people than it would be for you to plunge headfirst into the unknown.

These market research professionals are often referred to as “advisors” or “business advisors” as they have the ability to make lucrative suggestions to start-ups who may be struggling to get a foot in the door.