B2B Blogging Strategy

GL Content Team Jun 05, 2015

Within your B2B Marketing strategy have you included Blogging? If not, you should! Blogging is an important part of any B2B content marketing strategy. Blogging is an effective way for you to connect and interact with new business prospects, peers, and others in the industry. All whilst driving traffic to your website and in turn generating leads, and creating brand awareness.

With 33.7 million new blog posts churned out on WordPress along each month, it can be difficult to stand out, so with that in mind, how do you create an eye-catching blog post?

Before writing your blog posts, your target audience must be clearly defined. Once you have done this, keep promotional strategies in mind when deciding on your headlines and titles. Ask yourself, how can I catch their attention? What will they be looking for?

Around 72% of B2B buyers begin the buying process with a Google search. So this is a perfect opportunity to do some research into what B2B customers have been searching for to find your website or your competitor’s websites. Then create the headline that helps answer a question or provide a solution to this large percentage of B2B buyers looking for answers.

B2B companies who actively blog receive 67% more leads than those that do not, so next time you’re thinking about your marketing strategies, give blogging a second thought.