Ways to Market your White Paper

GL Content Team May 22, 2015

Create a Landing Page
A landing page is essential to marketing your White Paper, this page needs to tell your audience why they should be handing over their details to download and read your White Paper. This landing page should be totally mobile friendly and look good on all devices. You want the page to be clear and concise, the last thing anyone wants to do is scroll through reams of text just to find the download link.

Shout about your business and findings

If your industry is a hot bed for conferences – get involved. Can you get on the schedule as a guest speaker, as an influencer and expert in your field? This not only gives you and your businesses legitimacy but it’s another platform to promote your White Paper


Promote posts about your White Paper via Facebook, an effective advertising platform. Just be sure to set up conversion pixel tracking so you can see who downloaded your White Paper coming from Facebook.


Linkedin Groups can be a great way to reach other like-minded businesses; it’s a great place to reach b2b businesses.

Leverage existing email/newsletter contacts

If you have an email list of potential clients, existing clients, or anyone who may find your whitepaper relevant, consider sending the whitepaper out to them