Getting Started with White Papers

GL Content Team Apr 21, 2015

Getting Started with White Papers
White Papers are a formal document, which should be “thought leading” in your industry. A White Paper is an amazing marketing tool, you can connect with new clients or customers on a new level – this is because the perception of a white paper is usual that of higher level of expertise, it’s a great way of building trust and rapport.
So how should you write a White Paper? Here are our top tips for getting started on your White Paper.

Begin with your Conclusion.
The best place to start is to summarise your findings. This will help you set the tone of the White Paper. Newspapers use a paragraph in bold at the beginning of the news piece to hold the readers interest and make them read more, White Papers can also use this tactic.

Use Clear English and avoid assumptions

It is essential that your readers understand your writing, avoid Acronyms, Industry clichés, buzzwords etc. Descriptions or paragraphs that are written by other people within the company (Product Descriptions, Developers, Web Designers etc.) will often contain assumptions that the reader knows and understands what they are talking about, although most of the time, this is not the case.

Be Specific

If you know that your readers are tech experts then don’t teach them the basics this could drive readers away.

Differentiate your White Paper

A White Paper makes for an excellent marketing & sales tool, so make sure you make the most of this in the least obvious way. Your unique and thought leading ideas might be interesting, but explain how they can make an actual difference. Show readers the evidence that your ideas, solutions or tactics are better than your competitors, and then validate that with Independent assessments or benchmark tests.

Ultimately, your goal here is to have an impact and encourage the reader to follow your ‘call to action’ – that could be a visit to the website or purchasing a product or service from you.