What kind of write-ups should startups produce for online marketing?

GL Content Team Apr 16, 2015

As we all know by now, SEO is a key aspect in getting your business noticed. Especially relevant to Start-Ups who are on a mission to get business rolling in and clients and contracts signed. Making sure you are visible to potential customers is essential to a Start Up business, and there are many ways of producing content for keywords, some involve costs such as Adwords etc. and some are totally free but will need a bit of time and attention paid to them….
Click onto any business website, and more than likely they will have a blog. Blogging still has a huge part to play in producing content for keywords. Writing a post full of useful information related to your industry is a great way of drawing in potential customers. It shows that you know your stuff and the added advantage of a blog means it can be totally personal and written in the first person so you can convey your passion for your industry and hopefully give things a unique and thought leading spin.

Articles like blogs can offer the same rewards but are structured slightly differently. While blogs should be easy to read, include photos, include helpful tips and offers personal opinions and insights, an Article is a much more structured piece of writing. Designed as a piece to sit down and read rather than scan through it should contain lots of data and statistics with only facts. Much like a White Paper (which we’ll get onto next) it should be much more analytical thinking than personal opinion.

A White Paper is actually designed to be a marketing and sales tool to attract potential customers. Your White Paper should be a well written and well thought out piece which showcases your businesses talents and expertise in your industry so ultimately potential clients can see you know what you’re talking about and you have the stats to back yourself up!