Use of White Papers to establish a company as a thought leader.

GL Content Team Apr 14, 2015

White papers are a fantastic marketing and sales tool, used to attract and encourage potential customers or clients to learn more about the business, service or product.A white paper should be “thought leading” so don’t think about trying to use this as a way of selling your business, but more of a way of impressing readers and making them want to do more research into your company. You want to create well-written and thoughtful resource that is relevant to your industry. Getting your brand out there in a subtle and un-sales like way is one of the main objectives.

Creating your white paper is just the beginning!

Now you need to get it out there and use its marketing power. Putting it on your website is the first and most obvious step. Adding a download link, which also includes a small data capture (name & email address). Don’t forget about your blog too!
White papers provide businesses with an added opportunity to generate organic links that drive referral traffic back to their website. You should also take advantage of your Adwords account – people in your industry will be searching for white papers as a means of research or resource so making sure yours comes up top is vital. Use your paid search to target keywords and phrases, with the headline “Download Free White Paper Now!”. As you would with any other business announcement Press Releases targeted to your industry and potential clients is a must, make sure everyone knows it’s free!

Ultimately, you want to showcase your expertise through high-quality, effective and thought provoking white papers. You want to show people you’re the best of the best so when they think about a certain industry, your name pops up instantly.