Social Market Research

GL Content Team Mar 26, 2015

In this new age of digital, social and mobile mediums, social market research is becoming more and more important.  The majority of consumers are constantly connected to a digital stream of information, changing the way they shop and browse on whichever screen happens to be in front of them at the time!The most progressive marketers understand that their brand needs to constantly be switched on to this audience, in order to ensure media impressions across social media and websites.
The differences in these impressions can tell us a lot about the consumer. A paid impression lets the user know that the marketer thinks they are interesting to their brand, whereas an earned impression will tell the marketer that the consumer finds the brand interesting to them.

The smartest marketers will take this information a step further. By tracking every Tweet, post to Facebook, click and page view, content can be optimised, creative strategies and website or app experiences can be developed. This is achieved by discovering which ideas are most engaging to consumers, simply because they are viewed and shared the most. Bare in mind it is important to find a healthy balance – intelligent consumers will spot it if you over saturate one area of your marketing. Quickly build on multiple successes and don’t be afraid to keep developing new ideas for content.

Digital and social data from market research can offer so much more than surveys alone.