3 ways to innovate your Qualitative Research

GL Content Team Mar 24, 2015

In the changing digital climate, your Qualitative Research needs to be able to adapt to a new kind of savvy, social sharing customer. We have given you 3 ways to make small changes to your research that will make all the difference.

Experience don’t Research

Businesses are realising whilst focus groups are good and can deliver results, they are instead opting to immerse themselves in their customer’s world. By doing this they can gain a new appreciation for methods that allow them to role play as their target customer and gain a much better understanding of the people they are marketing to.

Empathy not Insights

Businesses now want to connect with their customers on an empathic and emotional level and will demand innovative approaches to help them do so. When you begin to think of research as a conversation rather than a test. It produces richer insights and more genuine connections between brands and people.

Willingness to Share

Thanks to social media, people are more willing than ever to share their lives online. To be smart you will need to control this trend to benefit your customers. Particularly in online contexts, people are increasingly comfortable letting others into their lives. With this trend brings with challenges. Qualitative researchers will need to be creative and innovative in the techniques they use to keep their respondents engaged.