The 4 W’s of Quantitative Research

GL Content Team Mar 03, 2015

Exploring your quantitative Research can help you move beyond the seemingly simple answers to survey questions. By looking into the who, what, why and where’s of your research data, you may discover more valued data..


Your quantitative research primarily gathers numerical statistics, but to understand the motivation behind such figures open ended questions are essential in attaining this crucial information, that will benefit you further into your research


Asking the consumer directly can help you gain an understanding the motivators. They are best approached by first attempting to understand the full picture and intentions behind their decision making. This can provide additional and valued information than simply just asking the consumer closed ended questions


When surprising or insightful data emerges, it often changes the way you perceive the original question. Be sure to follow these leads and dig deeper as this can lead to unforeseen yet greater insights


Investigate beyond what respondents say to ascertain the motivation behind their behaviour. Consumers tend to act contrary to what they say. Of course, what they do say is incredibly useful, but there are greater insights to be gained by attempting to discover the true drivers of their behaviour